The Weight of Information

Satellite, public events, software, radio, Low Earth Orbit, 04.12.12 — 14.05.14

The Weight of Information is an orbital artwork based on a pico-satellite originally launched on April 19th 2014, and scheduled for re-launch in 2017.

A 2cm x 2cm low-cost autonomous satellite is launched into low earth orbit. The satellite is placed on a decaying orbit and slowly spirals back to Earth. During the orbit the satellite fills its memory with data from its on board accelermoter and magenetometer sensors. The data is immediately deleted and meta data about the quantity of information deleted is transmitted back to ground stations on Earth. The Weight of Information Satellite (TWOi) exists in a universe where gravitation is caused by information, and it wants to escape its spiral trajectory back to Earth. It attempts to climb to a higher orbit by deleting information, to ascend by forgetting. On Earth a series of events called Meet to Delete are staged where people gather to delete their personal information, burning or shredding paper work and clearing data storage in order to and help the satellite by making the world a little lighter.

The project has been manifested as a series of events and exhibitions and one orbital attempt in 2014 as part of Zachary Manchester’s Kicksat project on ISS resuply mission CRS-3. After a successful launch and separation orbit the satellite failed to achieve autonomous flight. The orbital attempt is documented in the gallery exhibition Meet to Delete Ground Station

A second launch and event series is scheduled for 2017 including a public ground station installation in Civic Square in Wellington.


TWOi Ground Station

06 Nov 2015

Time 17:00

Location -41.301732, 174.775629

The Engine Room, East End Block 1, Massey University 63 Wallace Street, Entrance C


41° 18’ 6.35” S, 174° 46’ 26.51” E

Julian Priest and Fourth World in Stereo This show consists of two projects: Julian Priest - / "The Weight of Information: Ground Station"/ Fourth World and Stereo - /"//Weak Metal"/


Friday 6 November 5.00 pm


9–22 November

Engine Room

East End Block 1, Massey University 63 Wallace Street, Entrance C

TWOI at Energies in the Arts

15 Aug 2015

Time 11:00

Location -33.8839, 151.2203

EG02 Lecture Theatre, UNSW Art & Design, Greens Rd, Paddington


Explore how energy is engaged in the arts and related creative areas such as literature, poetics, critical theory and philosophy in this three-day international conference. Co-presented by UNSW Art & Design's National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), Energies in the Arts brings a diverse range of scholars and artists together to address historical and contemporary activities on the seemingly elusive properties and potentials of energy. Dr. Anna Davis, MCA Curator, Professor Douglas Kahn and Dr. Josh Wodak from UNSW Art & Design have brought together an array of influential artists and leading scholars serving as keynotes.

Paper Presentation

The Weight of Information is an interdisciplinary artwork based on a pico-satellite that was launched into low earth orbit in 2014 and accompanied by a series of Earth based public events called Meet to Delete. The paper briefly describes the project and goes on to develop the underlying themes of gravity, aggregation and information both in physical terms and as metaphor. Drawing on recently proposed theories of entropic gravity the paper draws parallels with aggregating social processes such as the rise of mega-cities, data centres and the concentration of wealth. After partial success with the initial 2014 launch, a second orbital attempt is planned for 2016 and future directions for the project are discussed.

TWOI at Arduino Day 2015

28 Mar 2015

Time 13:00

Location -41.295335, 174.775610

Media Lab, School of Design, 139 Vivian St, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand



Arduino Day is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s 11th birthday on 28 March 2015. Globally, it's 24 hours full of events, and we are hosting the Wellington event in the Media Lab of Victoria University's School of Design.


Technical aspects of TWOI are presented in the context of Arduino Day.


14 May 2014

Time 01:30 UTC

Location 19.029252, 4.254573

KickSat and TWOi re-entered Earth’s atmosphere on May 14th 2014 01:30 UTC during orbit #404. Due to a timer reset caused by a cosmic radiation event on April 30th 2014 the TWOi sprite satellite was never deployed into autonomous orbit and is presumed to have burned up somewhere over North Africa inside the Kicksat deployer satellite on re-entry .

Meet to Delete: Bogota

09 May 2014

Time 19:30

Bogota, Colombia

Contact andres burbano

A Meet to Delete event in Bogota, Colombia

Meet to Delete: Prescott

07 May 2014

Time 14:30 (UTC -7)

Location 34.570187, -112.466652

1610 Satellite Court, Prescott, Arizona, USA

Contact John Hopkins jhopkins at neoscenes dot net

John Hopkins meets with his uncle to destroy a mountain of old paper work with a shredder.

Meet to Delete: Pixelache

05 May 2014

Time 17:00 EEST (UTC +2)

Location 60.186982,24.974123

Kaasutehtaankatu 1/21 (Rakennus/Building 7), Suvilahti 00540 Helsinki, Finland


Meet to Delete at the Pixelache Office. "Meet to Delete at the Pixelache Office. Pixelversity celebrates and engages with The Weight of Information as part of its 'infowork' thematic."

Meet to Delete: Ptarmigan

04 May 2014

Time 21:00 EET (UTC +2)

Location 59.447889, 24.748500

Kalarand, Kalamaja, Tallinn

Contact tallinn at

Ptarmigan invites Tallinn to Meet to Delete in solidarity with the TWOI satellite at an outside bonfire party hosted by Ptarmigan.

Receive & Recycle

04 May 2014

Location 47.330497,18.993368

Szigethalom, 2315, Hungary

Contact hg5apz at t.janos

The primary aim of this "Receiving and recycling" project in Szigethalom near Budapest, is to build a temporary ground station, which - hopefully - offers the feature, to receive some data from the Sprite nano-satellites. Data gathered will be shared with the project and a bonfire held with members of the local radio group.

Meet to Delete: Whanganui

04 May 2014

Time 16:30 NZST

Location -39.885093, 175.067864

247 Roberts Avenue, Whangnaui, 4500, New Zealand

Bring a plate, a drink and some information that you would like to delete in a bucolic evening around the bonfire - burn old bank statements, remove old contacts from your phone, clean out spam folders, put out of focus photos in the trash, clear out media libraries. Delete something, remove the cruft, take control of your information, and feel a little lighter!

Meet to Delete: Up Galerie

26 Apr 2014

Time 17:00 CEST (UTC +1)

Location 50.826997, 4.344791

Up Galerie, 17 avenue Pauel Dejaer, 1060 Bruxelles, Belgium


Meet to Delete Event at Up Galerie.

Launch Screening

19 Apr 2014

Time 07:00 NZST (UTC+12)

Location 39°55′59″S 175°02′57″E

The Ward Observatory, St Hill St, Whanganui, New Zealand

There will be an early morning screening of the launch attempt of Space-X CRS-3 and Julian Priest's artwork 'The Weight of Information' at: Program Starts: 07:00 *AM NZST (UTC+12) Launch Expected: 07:25 AM NZST (UTC+12) The weather forecast in Florida is not good for this launch attempt with possible thunderstorms and only a 40% chance of launch predicted by the NASA. For on-line coverage please check: A backup launch attempt is scheduled for the following day (Sunday in Whanganui) when the Florida weather is looking better : 2. Sunday 20.04.2014 Program Starts: 06:30 AM NZST (UTC+12) Launch: 07:02 AM NZST (UTC+12)

Launch Attempt Screening: Ward Observatory

15 Apr 2014

Time 08:00 AM NZST (UTC+12)

Location 39°55′59″S 175°02′57″E

Ward Observatory, St. Hill St, Wanganui, New Zealand

As the launch was scrubbed less than an hour before launch - the event was converted into a talk about the project.

Original Invite

Join us at the Ward Observatory to view a live screening of the CRS-3 launch. Due to the time difference with Cape Canaveral it is a morning event in Whanganui. The program starts at 08:00 AM NZ time with a short talk about The Weight of Information project and live coverage of the countdown. CRS-3, the Space-X cargo mission to the International Space Station under NASA's Commercial Resupply Services contract is scheduled to launch Monday, April 14, (EDT) from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The Falcon 9 rocket will also be carrying the Kicksat deployer satellite and The Weight of Information Kicksat Sprite satellite. NASA Television coverage of the launch begins at 07:45 am NZST. The event is free and kindly hosted by the Whanganui Astronomical Society.


14 Apr 2014

Time 4:08 (EDT)

Location 28.56221,-80.57734

Space Launch Complex 40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla, USA

Kicksat Cubesat Launch on board SpaceX-3 Commercial Resupply Services flight CRS-3.
A new launch date has been set for April 18, 2014 - 3:25 PM EDT Weather forecast currently gives 40% chance of launch. (16.04.2014) See for up to date schedule.
Live coverage of the launch will be provided on NASA TV.

Local times

New Zealand: Saturday, 19 Apr,07:25 NZST (UTC+12) Europe: Monday, 18 Apr, 21:25 CEST (UTC+2) Cape Canaveral: Monday, 18 Apr, 15:25 EDT (UTC-4) A backup date has been set for April 18, 2014 - 3:25 PM EDT in case of delays.

Meet to Delete: Test Pilot

12 Apr 2014

Time 18:00 NZST

Location -41.311788, 174.767472

37 Fortunatus Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Contact sophie at loomio dot org

The Test Pilot event will take part a few days before the launch and help shape the form of the later Meet to Delete events.

Meet to Delete events will be held in solidarity with the satellite as it orbits and deletes information. People will be invited to gather together for a bucolic evening, to delete information, to bring food, drink and some personal information to delete around the fire. They will burn old bank statements, remove old contacts from their phones, clean out spam folders, put out of focus photos in the trash, clear out media libraries. Delete something, remove the cruft, take control of information, and feel a little lighter!

Please remember to delete more information than you create!

The event is by invitation and is hosted by Letting Space

Pre-Launch Talk

16 Mar 2014

Time 20:30 NZDT (UTC +13)

Location 39°55′59″S 175°02′57″E

Ward Observatory, St. Hill St, Wanganui, New Zealand

Due to a launch delay, the scheduled Launch Screening was replaced by a project talk by Julian Priest. The event is kindly hosted by the Whanganui Astronomical Society.

TWOi at Media Art Histories Renew

10 Oct 2013

Time 11:15 CEST

Location 56.959290, 24.107543

Room 311, Stockholm School of Economics, Strelnieku street 4a, Riga Latvia

TWOi was presented at The 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology which was hosted by Rixc
The project was presented as part of the Techno-Ecologies Panel chaired by Andrew Patterson.

TWOi at Wireless Summit 2013

03 Oct 2013

Time 13:30 (CEST) 14:30

Location 52.512963, 13.420671

C-Base, Rungestraße 20 10179 Berlin-Mitte, Germany

A pico satellite workshop was held as part of the International Wireless Summit 2013 community wireless networking event. The Kicksat project was presented at a a technical workshop that focused mainly on technologies used in the creation of ground stations, software defined radio and antenna design issues. The workshop was an opportunity to share information with other satellite developers and interested parties.

TWOi at Ada Symposium 2013: Space:Network:Memory

13 Sep 2013

C3 Church, 22 Vogel Street, Dunedin

TWOi was presented at the Ada Symposium 2013: Space:Network:Memory A video presentation was screened and Q & A done with the conference by Skype connection.

TWOi at Currents 2013: “New Media: Arts & Sciences”

23 Jun 2013

Time 14:00 16:00

Location 35.673884, -105.938201

Santa Fe CCA – Cinemateque Studio, Santa Fe, NM, USA

A Video presentation of the project was shown as part of the SARC session “A Look at Today’s Leading Edge and the Future of New Media”. Organised by Richard Lowenberg at the 1st Mile Institute.


20 May 2013

NASA Research Park, Mountain View, CA, USA


The Weight of Information project was presented during an online panel discussion by Google hangout.


  • Zachary Manchester
  • Jason Quinn
  • Mike Paulin
  • Andrew Hornblow
  • Richard Lowenberg
  • Ian Ground
  • Christian Pointer
  • Poul Fuxjaeger
  • Mike Newmann
  • Whanganui Astronomical Society
  • Whanganui District Council
  • Mini-Kits
  • Annick Bureaud
  • Creative New Zealand
  • Brit Bunkley

The project development was kindly supported by Creative New Zealand.