TWOi 2.0

Satellite, Groundstation, Thomas King Observatory, Low Earth Orbit, 15.11.18 — 15.12.18

The Weight of Information 2.0


  • 2018-11-19 21:00 (NZDT) Coverage of Cygnus ISS docking
  • 2018-11-17 TWOi is on its way to the ISS; Cygnus is scheduled to dock 2018-11-19 21:00 NZDT
  • 2018-11-17 10:01 (NZDT)NG-10 launch successful

  • 2018-11-16 11:34 Launch of NG-10 is again delayed by 24 hours due to weather at Wallops Flight Facility.
  • Current Launch Estimate 2018-11-17 10:03 PM

9 PM Sat Nov 17th(NZDT)
Launch Vigil
Thomas King Observatory,
Space Place,
40 Salamanca Road,
Wellington New Zealand
-41.28461, 174.76781

10:03 PM Sat Nov 17th (NZDT)
Current Launch time.

late Feb/early March 2019
Check back for dates and times.
Kicksat deployment date: D late feb/early March
TWOi deployment date: D + 2 days
TWOI re-entry: D + 9

Meet 2 Delete
9 days of public events at the Thomas King Observatory

The TWOi pico-satellite is scheduled for launch on Nov 17th 2019 at 04:03 EST (10.03 PM NZDT) from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia USA on board NASA’s International Space Station resupply mission NG-10 (also known as OA-10E).

TWOi is a tertiary payload and is packed inside the Kicksat deployer satellite which is a cubesat that is being launched as part of NASA’s Educational Launch Program. The Kicksat deployer satellite is packed on board a Cygnus space ship that is taking 4.5 tons of supplies to the International Space Station.

The Cygnus will make the journey to the ISS and dock with it. TWOi and Kicksat will remain on board the Cyngus while the supplies are unloaded and the Cygnus is repacked with items that will return to Earth.

Sometime towards the end of Feb 2019 or beginning of March 2019 Cygnus will undock from the ISS and perform a series of maneuvers to deploy all the cubesats including Kicksat. 2 days after Kicksat has been deployed it will deploy TWOi and all it’s other pico-satellites.

TWOi and Kicksat will be on a rapidly descending orbit and are scheduled to re-enter within a week following deployment.

The Thomas King Observatory will be open during the entire deployment period starting in late Feb/early March.

Schedule updates and mission status will be published here. Please check back for details.

Last updated 15.11.2018

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