Julian Priest is an artist living and working in New Zealand. He works with participatory and technological forms and recent work explores relationships to different infrastructures including time, energy, security, health and communications.

He was co-founder of early wireless freenetwork community in London. He became an advocate for the freenetworking movement and has pursued wireless networking as a theme in fields of arts, development, and policy.

He worked with independent research framework Informal and co-founded policy intervention OpenSpectrum UK to advocate an open spectrum in the public interest, in Europe and the UK.

He has lectured at the Banff Centre, Whanganui School of Design, A.U.T University, and Massey University. He is director of The Greenbench and is a board member of the Aotearoa Digital Arts trust.


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33 Apuka Street, Brooklyn
Wellington, 6021
New Zealand
email: info_at_julianpriest_dot_org

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