Cathode Coffee Cup

Recycled Glass, The Govett Brewster Art Gallery, 01.01.10

Julian Priest and Sue James

Cathode Coffee Cup is a limited edition series of 16 glass cups comissioned by the Govett Brewster Art Gallery and made in a collaboration between glass artist Sue James and Julian Priest. The cups are modelled on sytrofoam coffee cups and are made of glass from re-cycled computer monitors. Each glass is engraved with a hexadecimal edition number and CCC monogram. The glasses are released with a Creative Commons license which covers melting down and re-use of the glass for other purposes. The glasses are packaged in shredded proprietary software manuals from the Geekosystem shredder. The glasses are accompanied by a toxicity statement and are not guarenteed fit for the purpose of holding human consumable drinks. Two of the glasses are held in the Govett Brewster collection. The glasses were available for purchase through the Govett Brewster art and design shop.


Sue James
Rhana Devenport
Central Glass