Free of Charge

Participatory Installation, Splore Festival, New Zealand, 17.02.12 — 19.02.12

Free of Charge is a participatory artwork based on an airport security check procedure. The procedure checks visitors for electrical charge and then grounds them – electrically connects them to earth – thereby removing any electrical charge they maybe carrying. Festival goers pass through the procedure and initiation as part of their grounding in the Splore community. They enter barefoot and equally free of charge.

As we move about in our daily lives, we collect small amounts of electrical charge from our environment from proximity to electrical devices and electrosmog. This may be removed by grounding or connecting our bodies to earth which is most directly achieved by just standing barefoot on the ground.

The idea of grounding is promoted as a new-age health practice with proponents claiming great health benefits though there is little scientific research on the claims. Free of Charge doesn’t make or dispute any of these health claims, though it has the intention of creating a security apparatus that promotes wellness, equality and re-connection with nature.

Free of Charge was jointly comissioned by Letting Space and the Splore Festival.


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Nicholas Twist
Aneurin Locke
Splore Festival
Letting Space
Sophie Jerram
Mark Amery
Trudy Lane
Cathy Aaronsen
AlphaLab Inc.