Information Comes from the Sun

Animation, Cameras, Collection, Text, Uncontainable, ISEA 2011, Cumhuriyet Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 14.09.11 — 17.09.11

Julian Priest with text by Michael Poa

The Sun is the Earth’s information service provider. The Earth is an open system that creates forests of life, culture and technology and exports entropy into the galactic gloaming.

Information Comes from the Sun was created for the ISEA 2011, 2nd Nature Uncontainable exhibition. The work consists of a collection of objects from the Whanganui river that were collected during the Slow Flow 2011 residency, and are presented in waterproof camera cases. Each case is accompanied by 2 texts – one a scientific description by Julian Priest and the other, a Maori interpretation by Michael Poa. The cameras are presided over by an animation of the Sun rendered in ASCII that is taken from Nasa Solar Observatory. The piece traces the path of entropy and information from solar nuclear processes to living organisms and then to cultural objects.


Michael Poa
NASA Solar Observatory
Slow Flow 2011 crew:
Jonah Marinovich, Sophie Klerk, Toiora, Rawiri, Te Hau Poa, Michael Paulin, Nathan Thompson, Don Hunter,
Ruth Irwin, Ana Terry, Hemi, Michael Poa, Sue James, Helen Paulin
Christian Stigen Larsen – jp2A
Ian Clothier
Lan­franco Aceti
Sonja Van Kerkhoff & Sen McGlinn