La Scala

Interactive sound work, Artspace, Karangahape Road, Auckland, New Zealand, 02.05.14 — 14.04.15

La Scala is site specific interactive sound work produced for the 2014 Chartwell Stairwell commission at Artspace
in Auckland. La Scala opened on May 2nd 2014 and will be installed for a year.

A series of 23 brass tubular bells are suspended one from each tread of the staircase and reaching down to the ground.
When a visitor steps on a tread an actuator is triggered to ring the corresponding bell.

The length of each tube determines the pitch of the bell and the pitch descends as a person climbs the stairs eventually becoming subsonic and generating harmonics. The harmonic progression is a direct sonification of the geometry of the staircase.

Artspace page

Julian Priest: La Scala 2014/15 from Artspace NZ on Vimeo.


Nicholas Twist
Rob Carter
Sam Longmore
Josh Hamilton
Louise Mair
Bronte Heron
Isabella Dampney
Michele Rumney
Tim Wagg
David Naus
Daphne Simons
Andrew Hornblow
Nick Gjaja
Luke McPake
Phil Dadson
Artspace Team
Chartwell Trust

photographs and video by Luke McPake