Local Time

Clock, Wireless sensor network, Particpatory work, The Dowse Art Museum, 17.12.11 — 22.04.12

Local Time is a participatory artwork that explores a notion of time that is based on local change rather than centralised signal. A wireless sensor network was set up around the museum and grounds. As sensors were triggered by a range of stimulii – people walking past, temperature changes or wind movement, pulses were generated. Transmitted to a computer in the gallery these were colated into seconds and sent to a giant official looking digital clock that was mounted on the gallery facade across the road from the town clock. As activity in the gallery increased, the clock sped up with each pulse of a sensor creating a second. As the gallery fell silent, the clock stopped creating a truly local time.


Nicholas Twist
Geoff Fugle
Emma Bugden
Greg Cairns
Dowse front of house and exhibitions team