Plastic Drift

Collection, Burn, The Green Bench, Whanganui, NZ, 03.12.10 — 17.12.10

‘Grey, Sweden just visible, indistinct horizon, light snow fall, .5 mm hail shower bouncing off the pebbles with a pinging sound. Sand dusted white. Strong onshore wind, waves high.

After many days of walking the same walk along the same Gilleleje beach everyday and seeing a plastic red fish crate washed up on the beach, full of sand, moving its bulk to different spots on the beach at the whim of the tides, the weather and the waves, I decided to take the drift plastic plunge.

Months previously I had noticed a green rocket, one of many munition cases left after the explosive Gilleleje new years eve ritual aresenal detonation. Other firework detritus, such as flare parachutes and cardboard multi-shot rocket launch packs had long since bio-degraded. The green plastic rocket case remained. Last week i noticed a pink children’s dummy and a fushia plastic cup sitting in the lapping surf.

During the walk I found a piece of green plastic that looked like seaweed, I picked it up and so began a drift plastic collection.’