The State of Wireless London


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I would like to thank the following for their participation and support in the writing of this document.

Financial Support

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:alt: The Arts Council of England logo

– The Arts Council of England – Primary funding

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:alt: Space Studios logo

– SPACE – Seed funding and project support

Research Assistant

– Marina Vishmidt SPACE

Project Steering Committee

– Gini Simpson – SPACE
– Richard Overton –
– Armin Medosch – Independent researcher
– James Stevens –
– Marina Vishmidt – SPACE
– Simon Crab –
– Peter Chauncy – Poplar Harca
– Rachel Baker – The Arts Council of Great Britain

Survey Respondents

– Simon Worthington – Mute magazine
– Rafal Kaniewski – Freenetwork operator
– Saul Albert – University of Openness
– Peter Chauncy – Poplar Harca
– James Stevens – Consume-x

Air Stumble

– Capital Radio – Use of the Flying Eye
– James Stevens – Surveyor
– Sebastian Buettrich – Mapping advisor

Technical Support

– – web hosting, mail lists and survey implementation.
– Amanda Larminee – cartographic support


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